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Free Meditation-Bites (Self-Hypnosis)

Below you will find a selection of free Meditation-Bites, these 5-10 minute snacks for the subconscious created by therapists at BrotherlyMind are there to help you prime your mind for action, relaxation, change or whatever else you might need.

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Use this Meditation-Bite to help your mind build up a sense of clarity and focus.

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A Meditation-Bite that focuses on feeling confident and seeing your self-worth. 

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Morning Affirmation Weave

An early morning Affirmation to help you start your day in a positive mindset.


Also available on Spotify 

A bedtime Affirmation to help you end your day in a positive mindset.


Also available on Spotify

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Bedtime Affirmation Weave

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