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One-to-One Sessions (£80)

Book in for a one-off session with Mac. 

At BrotherlyMind we're dedicated to helping as many serving and ex-forces as we can but we are not willing to spread ourselves thinly so only take a few clients at a time.

Mac MacIntyre

Behind the scenes at BrotherlyMind you’ll find Mac. Mac (Ex-Army) is dedicated to providing support to service personnel, drawing upon his experiences to understand the unique challenges faced by those who have served. 


As a qualified Therapist and accredited Cognitive Hypnotherapist (CHT), Mac offers a blend of experience and empathy in his practice, specialises in addressing issues like isolation, depression, anxiety and the transition back to life outside the military.


Available to Army and Royal Marines, both online and in-person in the Okehampton/Tavistock area of Devon.

I like to offer a free initial online consultation so that we can discuss your needs and I can answer your questions.

For Forces and Veterans

While we’d love to be able to help everyone this service is only open to Armed Forces (and Veterans) only. Please email us if there’s anything you need clarifying or anything you need more information on. BrotherlyMind is proud to support the Armed Forces and as such 20% of our client base is Pro Bono, if you need help but can’t afford it at this time please contact us to discuss.

So who will/can you work with?

BrotherlyMind has a very clear intent and is covered by clear guidelines and ethics. As a member of the NCH, QCHPA and CNHC there are certain people whom I cannot work with:


If you have ever been diagnosed with the following conditions I am afraid that I will not be able to work with you:

  • Epilepsy (the deep relaxation of hypnotherapy is contra-indicated)

  • Psychosis (Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder)

  • If you are already working with another therapist I will not be able to work with you.

If you are in any doubt please book a free consultation call and we can talk it through.

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