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Private Veterans Therapy

At BrotherlyMind understand that Military personnel have a unique mindset, vocabulary and way of looking at things that necessitate a different approach to therapy.


We’re here to fight back against the stigma surrounding men and their emotions, we understand the importance of offering specialised support to the armed forces veterans and their families.

BrotherlyMind is here to help with general mental health problems, depression, anxiety, trouble transitioning to civilian life, medical discharge or dealing with combat stress.

Man struggling with mental health.

BrotherlyMind: Therapy from a therapist who understands life in the military. 

Alex (testimonial)

“As someone who struggles to balance priorities and the resulting stress, compounded by my learned behaviours as a former military leader, he’s helped me think about my values."

Dave (testimonial)

"Mac's practical yet empathetic approach has really helped me identify some aspects and habits that I can work on and take practical steps to improve."

Jonny (testimonial)

“Being part of the emergency service community can be hard. The stresses of what we deal with and the pressure on us can take it toll. Being able to talk it through has really helped.”

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