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Four Books you HAVE to read (...or listen to).

Reading (or listening to Audiobooks!) is a great way to learn and grow, especially when it comes to personal development. The books on this list are full of fascinating insight, actionable advice and tips that you can start using to really improve your life. If you're struggling or find yourself stuck in a rut, these books can give you the tools you need to break through.

We've put together a list that we think can really help you get your life sorted., it list covers everything from improving your mental and physical health to managing your money, boosting your career and improving your relationships.


If you read this list there's no doubt you'll become more productive, happier, and less stressed. Seriously, these books can be life-changing if you put their advice into action.


Photo of Man readinga book

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art     by James Nestor

Breath is a captivating exploration of the underestimated power of our breath. Nestor takes readers on a journey to uncover the science behind how breathing affects our physical and mental health. He delves into the history of breath practices and provides practical tips to improve our breathing habits.


Nestor's key points include the importance of nasal breathing, the benefits of conscious breathing, and the negative effects of modern lifestyles on our breath. Overall, "Breath" is an eye-opening and informative read that will make you rethink the way you breathe.

Photo of Breath Jame Nestor cover
Photo of Atomic Habits James Clear cover

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits is a powerful guide to transforming your life by changing your habits. Clear emphasizes the importance of small and consistent changes that achieve significant results over time. He introduces the concept of "Atomic Habits," which are tiny habits that compound to create massive improvements in our lives. The book is full of practical strategies to build good habits, break bad ones, and overcome common obstacles.


"Atomic Habits" is a must-read for anyone seeking to improve themselves and achieve long-term success.

4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

This book challenges the traditional notion of work and retirement. Ferriss advocates for "lifestyle design," in which you prioritize your passions and create businesses that require minimal time and effort. Ferris provides practical tips on how to automate and outsource work, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and increase productivity, he also discusses the importance of travel, adventure, and personal growth in creating a fulfilling life.


4-Hour Work Week is a book that can inspire you to redesign your life and live on your own terms.

Photo of 4 hour week Tim Ferriss Cover
Photo of Mindset by Carol Dweck Cover

Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck

Mindset is a really insightful book that explores how our beliefs shape our potential for success and happiness. Dweck introduces the concept of fixed mindset versus growth mindset and provides examples of how each mindset can impact our approach to challenges and setbacks. You might be surprised to find out which one you are.


This book was a real eye-opener, it will really help shift your perspective and unlock your full potential.

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